Raise More Money with a School Fundraising Calendar

School Calendar Adverts can deliver a considerable profit for your school, give your profit a boost by utilising space on your calendar by adding adverts.

Calendars are indispensable to many people and are used on a daily basis to keep track of special events and appointments, you can use this to your advantage and sell advertising space to local businesses where they can promote their business to your school members.

Extra Revenue

The extra revenue created by adding advertising to your calendar can be considerable, all of our calendar designs can be adjusted to include adverts. Make extra profit with a school calendar with advertising space, the school calendar template can be adjusted to allow for the adverts, all you have to do is sell this space to local businesses. A calendar is a great way to publicise a business so you will easily find willing businesses to advertise.

Schools have in the past charged £30 per advert, sometimes more, this will increase your profits made with the school calendar.

If your interested in having a personalised school calendar with advertising space give us a call on 01284 767575. Check out our range of landscape school calendars, all of the school calendar landscape designs have space for one or two adverts per month.

Adverts Easy to Create

Creating your adverts on our landscape school calendars is easy, just scan the advertisers business card and we can fit in the space on your school calendar.

All of our school calendar designs can be adjusted to put an advert on your school calendar. View our school calendar designs here.