Sports Team Calendars

Sports Team Calendars

Are you looking for a way to raise money for your sports team? Look no further than a sports team calendars, create a custom team calendar containing colourful images of your team members and you will be able to sell them to boost your club’s funds.

There are many types of Sports Clubs where teams can use a calendar fundraiser. Rugby Clubs, Football Clubs, Gymnastics Clubs, Swimming Clubs, Bowls Clubs can all create a calendar. Your calendar could be full of using high-resolution photographs of your team members if you have a lot of images you could even create a collage of different images. If your members are feeling brave you could create your own version of Women’s Institute calendar where members have bared all; raising money for charity.

Sports Team Calendars Photographs

You want to include colour photographs of your team members if you are running a football club and you have different teams. You could organise your photographs in different age groups. You could take the images for your team calendar yourself using a suitable digital camera. If you don’t feel confident enough you could ask around to see if you have a photographer among your team members families. You could always see if you can find a photographer who will donate their time and take photographs for your Sports Team Calendars. In return, you could advertise their photographic business by offering them advertising space on your calendar.

Calendar Sponsorship

Adding adverts to your sports calendar will increase your revenue considerably. If your sports team already has a sponsor you could ask them to see if they would be happy to sponsor your sports club calendar by placing advertisements on your calendar. You could also look to local businesses to see if they will support your team by sponsoring advertisements. A calendar is a great way to advertise a business, used throughout the year your advertisers will always be in full view of potential clients.

Don’t forget to ask your team members to see if anyone has any family members who may want to sponsor an advert maybe they have a business, club or service they would like to advertise on your calendar. By adding calendar advertising you will score a success for your team fundraising campaign.

Team Calendar Dates

Make your sports team calendar even more desirable by adding club events and club fixtures to your calendar. By adding these dates you will be onto a sure-fire winner. Team members and fans will actively purchase your calendars to be sure not to miss an important sports event.

It’s easy to create your Sports Team calendar, we have done all the hard work. Choose one of our calendar templates, supply your calendar images to us and leave the rest to us.