Funds Raised

We often get asked – How much can we make with a school calendar? Our school fundraising calendars make for an excellent school fundraiser, using your own images or artwork parents will only be to happy to purchase your school calendars. They will use them throughout the year and the schoolcalendars make excellent gifts for grandparents. In the past schools have sold their fundraising school calendars at a price between £4.00 and £8.00. How much you sell your school calendars for is upto you.

The higher the selling price of your school calendar the more money you are going to make for your school.

To give you an idea of the profit that you can potentially make with a school calendar you can purchase 250 of our great value A4 school fundraising calendars for £675.00 (Price is including x1 UK mainland delivery); thats a great price of £2.70 each calendar. You decide how much you are going to sell your calendars for. Sell your calendars for £6.00 each you will make a fantastic profit of £825.00 for your school, the higher your selling price; the more money you will make. Increase the selling price of your calendars to £7.00 each you will make £1075.00.

Calendars offer a fantastic fundraising opportunity, increase your profits further by including adverts on your calendar, whats more there is no extra charge for adding adverts to your calendar.