Student Council Fundraisers

Are you a member of a school council and looking for student council fundraisers? There is a multitude of fundraising ideas to choose from. Are you confused by all the fundraising Ideas available to you? One of the most straightforward fundraising Ideas that you can organise is to create a bespoke school council calendar fundraiser. You will find a school calendar will be a very rewarding student council fundraising project.

Student RAG Week Fundraising

During your raising and giving week, you can have fun and create a fundraising calendar to help raise money for the charity that you have chosen to support. A University calendar will bring all the students together and fill your university fundraising calendar with fun images and you will easily sell your calendars for a profit. You should start by surrounding yourself with a fundraising team, they will be able to support you throughout the Student Fundraising Project.

Student Fundraising Calendar Photographs

When it comes to taking your photographs, if you are a competent photographer, you can take your images for your calendar. Is there someone in your fundraising calendar team who enjoys taking photographs? You can theme your school calendar photographs, you could be outrageous and ask students to bare all in a very cheeky calendar.