Youth Group Fundraising

Youth groups are always on the look out for ways to raise extra funds. There are many types of youth groups, Christian Youth Groups, Sea Cadets, Scouts, Air Cadets, Girlguiding. Carrying out a Youth Group Fundraiser can really make a difference, are you looking to raise money for an important trip? Is your youth group looking to purchase extra supplies? Is there a special project that your members are working on? Producing a youth group fundraising calendar is simple and you can make large profits for your youth group.

Calendars make for an excellent fundraiser. Personalise your calendar with some great fun images of your youth group members. Fill your calendar with photographs of your group activities. You may want to organise your fundraising youth group calendar around Christmas time, as people will eagerly snap up your bespoke calendar as a gift for loved ones. However don’t just leave it until Christmas; you can create a Youth group calendar at anytime of the year to sell for a great profit.
Super-Charge Fundraising

Super-charge your fundraising effort by adding advertising to your calendar. All of our calendar designs can include calendar adverts. Sell your adverts to local businesses. You will find local businesses will readily purchase advertising space. They will willingly place an advert in the knowledge that they are supporting your youth group. You can ask among your members families to see if anyone has a business or club they would like to promote? You can charge £25 – £40 per advert, with twelve adverts you can see that your fundraising effort will soar.
Easy Youth Group Fundraising

Creating your youth group fundraising calendar is easy. Ordering your calendars is simple, just chose one of our designs; order your required quantity and size. Once you have ordered send us your images and leave the rest to us. Make sure to include details on the front cover about why you are raising money and where the money is going to be spent. People always like to know where the money is going towards.