School Collage Calendar

School Collage Calendar

Creating a calendar is fun and a great fundraising idea, during this period of social distancing due to the effects of the coronavirus, you may want to consider creating a photo collage of your students, you could ask each pupil to provide a self-portrait.

There are many ways to take portraits however with the popularity of smartphones the obvious way is to ask your pupils to take a self-portrait on their phone and then ask them to send it to you.

Once you have the self-portraits, you can then place them into a Word file, add borders and position them exactly how you wish.

You can then either convert your Word file to a pdf file and send the file to us to place into your chosen calendar design. If you are unable to convert to a pdf file, send us your Word file and we can add images to your calendars.

There are many ways in which to create your collage, you may even want to try one of the many online websites to create your collage.