Anniversary Calendar

Is your organisation celebrating an anniversary? Is it your 50th-year celebration? 75th-year anniversary? Centennial anniversary? Maybe your 125th anniversary? Whatever anniversary you are celebrating, you want to harness all the energy and enthusiasm created by the celebrations and create a fantastic keepsake and produce a wonderful anniversary calendar.

School Anniversary

School Anniversaries can be celebrated by creating a special school anniversary calendar. You can fill your calendar with a mixture of fabulous nostalgic images of bygone days and up to date images of pupils and classes. One of our calendar designers can create a suitable celebratory front cover for your school anniversary calendar.

Church Anniversary Calendar

Is your Church celebrating a special anniversary? Has your Church reached a milestone in its history? A church anniversary gives you the opportunity to celebrate your anniversary and engage with your local community and to discuss the history surrounding your church. You can record the history of your church by creating anniversary church calendar.

You want to start church anniversary planning early; this will allow you to create a truly special calendar. You could include historic images of your church through the years. Do you know a local historian who has researched your church and has an insight into the history of your Church? You could contact them and discuss your plans. They might already have some great historic photographs that you would be able to use in your calendar.

You might want to include a mixture of vintage images and ask people to submit current photographs of your church. Maybe ask people for images of your church throughout the year in different season’s.

Another great way to get quality images for your anniversary calendar is to contact your local photographic club. Ask the club to get involved and ask if the members will be willing to submit photographs of your church. You are sure to get some impressive images for inclusion within your anniversary calendar; just remember to credit the photographers who supply the images.

Once you have compiled all your images you can then publish your calendar during your church anniversary celebrations. Sell your church calendar as a fantastic memento, keepsake or souvenirs for church anniversary. All the proceeds you make can go towards church funds.

Anniversary Calendar Promotion

You want to maximise the interest generated by your special anniversary by contacting your local press and inviting them to write an article about your commemoration in your local paper. You should embrace this opportunity to promote your celebratory calendar. If your organisation publishes a newsletter or parish magazine, you should look to place an advert and article about the milestone that has been reached.