School Calendar Printing

School Calendar PrintingWe often get asked how do we print our calendars at such a great price. Digital printing allows us to produce high-quality colour calendars in smaller quantities at a price that allows you to make a profit for your organisation. The quality of digital printing is great as digital printing equipment has progressed in leaps and bounds over the last fifteen years. We use the latest digital printing equipment from Xerox to produce our calendars. The advantage of digital presses compared to lithographic printing presses allows us to produce small quantities of school calendar printing and digital printing allows fast-turnaround time. This is especially critical as we often get asked for fast turnaround from schools. You may have a school fair where you wish to sell your calendars.

We appreciate that sometimes you are faced with tight deadlines. Digital printing can accommodate this, you just need to tell us when ordering your calendars. During our busy periods, we take on extra staff allowing us to ensure that all calendars are sent out and delivered in time. Our dedicated staff take great pride in ensuring all of our school calendar printing are sent out for delivery and are ready for you to sell at a profit. Our staff check each calendar as they are being packed for delivery.