Promoting Fundraising Calendars

Promoting Fundraising Calendars

Once you have received your fundraising calendar, you will want to look at ways of Promoting Fundraiser calendar. There are various ways to promote your new fundraising product. If you have taken school calendar photographs then your school and community will be aware that photographs have been taken and will be eagerly awaiting your calendar delivery.

Promoting School Fundraiser

Once your school calendars are delivered you will have a ready and willing audience to purchase your calendars. You can sell your new school fundraiser to the parents and carers of the pupils that attend your school. If you have included photographs of pupils or artwork created by your school children, parents will buy your calendars as a keepsake and also in the knowledge that they are helping the school financially. You can create a poster to stimulate interest in your school fundraiser. On your poster, you want to let people know how much your calendars are and where they can purchase their calendars.

You should put your posters up in eye-catching positions around your school. You should place a poster in your school reception area. If your school produces a newsletter that is distributed to parents you should include information within your newsletter. If you have arranged your calendars around a school fete or fair then you have an excellent opportunity to promote and market your calendars at your school event.

Another great way to encourage sales is to send parents an email to let them know that your school calendars are now ready for purchasing.