Design G

School Calendar Design G

Great calendar design, available as an A3 calendar, this calendar design is wire-bound in the middle, when the calendar is closed the calendar is A4 size when fully open it is A3 size. The calendar comes with a hole drilled in the top for hanging and displaying purposes.

This is a colourful and a great idea for families as it comes with a 4 column family planner calendar for keeping track of all family events throughout the year.
Sizes Available: Calendar design G is available in just an A3 (297x420mm) Size
Images: Twelve Images (One Image is required for each month)
Image Size: The space for an image on calendar 271x184mm
Calendar is printed in full colour throughout
Personalised Dates: You can add your special dates to the calendar
Advert Space: Calendar Design G can be adjusted to have advertising space along the bottom of the calendar