Calendar Advertising

Calendar Advert

Calendar Advertising will add another dimension to your calendar. Our calendar designs can be modified to have adverts incorporated into the design. All calendar adverts are added free of charge. Adding Adverts to your calendar is simple and will allow you to substantially increase the profit you make.

School Calendar Adverts

If you are looking to produce a school calendar? You will already have access to a network of potential advertisers. You want to start by offering parents of your pupils who run their own business the opportunity to promote their business on your school calendar. They will advertise in the knowledge that the school funds will get a great boost from their advertisement revenue. They also know it is an opportunity to promote their business. Advertising is a win-win situation for your school.

If you find you are short of adverts, you can approach local businesses to see if they would consider calendar advertising on your school calendar. Ask at your local post office, local convenience store, hairdresser to see if they would like to display an advert in your calendar.

If you are unable to find enough businesses willing to advert for each month you could have have an advert appear alternately for each month or if you have six advertisers you could allocate two months per advert. You may find that you find a sponsor to sponsor your entire calendar. In this instance you can place an advert on each month for your sole sponsor.

Calendar Sponsorship

When it comes to Calendar Sponsorship you may find that you have 12 or more companies willing to take advertising space. If you have a lot of sponsors you may wish to use one of our landscape calendar designs that allow more space for adverts you can even have two sponsors per month. You may come across a sponsor who is willing to sponsor your entire calendar. It will be easy to find local businesses that want to advertise on your calendars. Companies are always on the look out for ways to advertise. Advertising on a local calendar will increase their brand recognition and ultimately their profits.

Sports Team Calendar Sponsorship

Your Sports Team may already have a sponsor so you can ask them if they are willing to sponsor your sports team calendar. If you don’t have a Team sponsor you could ask your team members to see if they have family members who would be willing to take sponsorship space on your calendar. You will find that local businesses will gladly sponsor your calendar to support their local team.

Calendar Advertising Artwork

Once you have sold the advertising space, you can ask the company that is advertising for the information that they would like to appear on the advert. They can supply you with their business logo and business details like phone numbers, email address. You can then send the information for each advert to us and we can make up a small advert for each business.

You may find that some businesses will prefer to supply their own artwork. This is absolutely fine just ask them to supply their file in pdf, jpeg or tif format.

Advert Size

The size of advert varies according to which calendar and size you are going to use, call us so we can tell you the size of advert that is required.

How much to charge for advertising on your calendar

As soon as you have agreed to include adverts on your calendar the next question you will ask is how much to charge. The amount you charge for an advert will depend on how much you are looking to raise. You may want to charge £20 – £50 per advert. You may want to charge more; the extra revenue from adverts will increase your profits substantially.

Calendar Advertising Free and Easy

We can add adverts to your calendar Free of charge, easily, so why not make the most of the added benefit of calendar advertising and start to raise extra cash for your good cause.