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School Self Portrait Calendar

School Self Portrait Calendar

To create a truely unique school calendar, you can create a School Self Portrait Calendar. You ask your pupils, teachers and staff all to draw a self portrait, you can then scan or send artwork to us for scanning. You can supply twelve or thirteen images for your calendar, depending on the design you have chosen. You can ask your pupils to draw their portraits in their birthday month or you could give each class a month inwhich to draw their self portraits. Some schools have a mixture of self portraits and photographs throughout their calendar. However you decide to create your calendar you will create a unique school calendar that you can sell for a profit.

One way to create your school self portrait calendar is to ask your pupils draw their images in colour, you get best results if they draw their images in felt tip pens. Ask them to use vibrant and bright colours to make your calendar colourful.

Self Portrait Calendar Artwork

Another great way is to ask your pupils and staff to draw their images in black pen, used with one of our colour borders you can create a colourful calendar. Some schools their pupils draw their images in pencil and then they go over the images with a fine black pen.

Creating School Calendar Self Portrait Artwork

When creating your artwork we suggest that you take an A3 sheet of paper and divide it by the number of children and staff that are going to draw their image in that month. Once your A3 sheet is divided you can then cut your sheet up into sections; giving each person a section of the sheet to draw their image onto. Once all images are drawn you can then take them and glue them onto another sheet of A3 paper and then scan your artwork and send images to us. Please just ensure you make sure all files are clearly named by the month in which you wish them to appear.