School Photo Booth

School Photo Booth

Photo Booths have become increasingly popular over the last few years. You find them at many events, Weddings, School Proms and Corporate Events.

School Photo Booth

Use the Photo Booth concept to produce the images for your school calendar. Create your very own School Photo Booth and take group shots of your children posing with fun props.

Photo Booth Setup

You will need to choose a suitable area with a great backdrop. Choose an area that is well lit. Find a suitable background. You can use a plain white or black background. Maybe your school has a colourful mural that can be used as the backdrop.

School Photo Booth Camera

Chose a camera, you may want to use a camera with a built-in self-timer or does your camera have a remote control allowing you to snap away from a distance. You can place your camera on a tripod, however, it is not necessary to use one. Just ask children to pose and then snap away.

Silly Photo Booth Props

You will need to source plenty of silly and fun school photo booth props. Ask your pupils for suggestions, see if they will bring props in for your photo session. You will need plenty of props to go around so look out for fun inflatables, an inflatable guitar, large silly hats like a sombrero are colourful and fun. Funky wigs oversize glasses and funny moustaches all make for excellent photo booth props.

Make Your Own Photo Booth Props

If you really want to get creative you could look to make some photo booth props using card and dowling. There are plenty of template ideas online, print out and glue to dowling it’s as easy as that. You can also purchase inexpensive prop packs from shops or online.

Photo Booth Posing

It works better posing in small groups so you could make four images per month. It depends on the size of your school and the number of pupils.

It’s a new and fun way to produce your school calendar photos. Your pupils will be creating a truly unique and memorable school fundraising calendar.

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